Let’s face it, anxiety sucks.  Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time, but when it feels like you’re constantly battling worry, intrusive thoughts, engaging in repetitive behaviors or avoiding just to keep it at bay, you may be living with an anxiety disorder.

Though your anxiety might tell you there isn’t, there is HOPE. There are evidence-based practices to help you get back to living your life.  My highly specialized training and experience in OCD treatment allows me to go beyond the scope of other therapeutic methods, to help you experience real relief and healing. Even if you have struggled to find help for OCD in the past, my training and evidence-based approach can open up the pathway to true recovery.

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I graduated in 2015 from Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling with a Masters in Professional Mental Health Counseling.  I hold licenses in both Washington (LMHC) and Oregon (LPC).  I have worked as a clinician and skills trainer in a psychiatric residential facility both before and after obtaining my masters.  This experience has allowed me to gain experience working with a wide array of presentations as well as gain skills in managing crisis and high acuity.

When I’m not providing therapeutic services, I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, walking on the beach, and exploring the Pacific NW with my family and my dogs.

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